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Our exclusive software tools are designed to help lenders of all sizes simplify process, increase communication, maintain compliance, and ultimately close more loans.

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Things we Do Well

Customization Without

Ongoing Evaluations and

Fully Integrated Desk
Review Process

Borrower Payment

Automated Report Delivery to Borrower

Mobile Friendly for All

Integrated License

Payment Processing to

Performance Metrics

Automated UCDP & EAD Delivery and Report

“Working with Stephen and the team at Appraisal Shield was a great experience! They knew exactly what I needed done and accomplished it super fast!”

– E. Chupp



We Care

Customer service isn’t an added benefit. It is the base of our entire company. We care about your experience more than any competitor in the industry. Appraisal Shield is your company.

All-Inclusive Software

We built our software from the ground up and we can customize it on a different level than other software companies. If you want additional tools, tricks, and personalization, we will create it specifically for you at no additional cost.


We support paying an appraiser a fair market rate. It is never a good business model to cut the benefit of your vendor for the sake of profits. Appreciated appraisers are happy appraisers, and will work hard to provide a high quality product.