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Appraisal Shield is a fully customizable software platform that executes the appraisal process through technology and expert support. We leverage our core competencies and customize to your specific needs to deliver an efficient appraisal solution.

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Stephen Schmedt

After graduating from college, Stephen discovered there was a shortage of real estate appraisers in his hometown of Oklahoma City. He used this as an opportunity to begin distinguishing himself as an expert in this field.

The introduction of the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform Act changed the way appraisers and lenders could communicate drastically, impacting both the results and the time that it took to process appraisals. After 7,000 appraisals, a decade plus in the industry along with new reforms, Stephen was able to identify a new need. With a focus on preserving the lender/appraiser relationship, he joined forces with a close confidante and technology expert Andrew Morgan to create Appraisal Shield.

Stephen remembers, "Being in the industry, it was evident that there was a need to provide a platform that was user-friendly and efficient for both the appraiser and the lender. As a solution, we developed a software platform that includes several core competencies while maintaining the ability to evolve with the specific needs of our customers. At its core, Appraisal Shield had to be flexible to meet each lender's various needs."

Andrew Morgan

KKP 0978Obtaining an MBA with an emphasis in E-Business, Andrew has served as Internet Marketing Director of PowerNet Global Communications and VP of Operations and Information Technology at Telarus Inc, based in Salt Lake City, UT.

During his seven-year tenure at Telarus, Andrew was part of the executive team that grew Telarus to the number 2 telecommunications sales organization in the nation. He worked with over 50 regional and national telecommunication providers, managing over 100,000 new quoting and provisioning records per month. Andrew had a significant role in launching Comcast into the national sales channel due to the technology and creative solutions he directed and implemented in the field. Throughout his career, Andrew has successfully bridged the gap of understanding business processes and technology to optimize the value of people and their time.

With Andrew's robust experience in large server/software infrastructures and working alongside technology companies like AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and CenturyLink; and Stephen's intimate knowledge and understanding of the full appraisal process, the Appraisal Shield platform and team were formed.

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